Coaching 1-on-1 with Zanna (50 min)

50 minutes one-to-one coaching to quickly help you on your way!


All courses are designed to make sure you can start implementing it right away in your own organisation. Because that is the key to anchoring the experience knowledge in your own organisation to avoid being dependent on external parties for such a crucial topic. Sometimes though, you do have questions specific for your context and how to apply what you’ve learned in the smartest way. Booking 1 or a few hours of coaching is then a super easy, fast and effective solution. Make sure to do a good prep of all your questions, so you get the maximum value out of our time together. After ordering the coaching, I will contact you within 24 hours to plan our video coaching!


“Recognise you’ve all read and studied about a new great methodology and want to get started to implement it in your own organisation but don’t exactly know where to start? Then consider booking some additional consultancy hours with Zanna. To me this was very helpful. Although the masterclasses and course are self-explanatory and will get you started, it is nice to have the opportunity to consult Zanna about how to get it implemented in your own organisation. We kicked-off together, checked up after a few weeks and shared some great results after a few months.”

Damian Bott, manager marketing and media, PSV (soccer club)

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